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SMD component placement / soldering

We offer SMD component placement for all types of orders, from prototype to a full-production run. Finepitch-, BGA-, THR- and Double-side Placing are our daily business. Smallest component: 0201

Alphatronic has a Mydata component placement line available, offering a capacity of 2 x 21`000 components per hour. 




Prototypes, express- and limited-lot production are being processed on three stand-alone Heeb machines.




For more pictures from our SMT production click here



Conventional component placement / soldering


We offer conventional component placement for both proto-types and high volume lots. Your prototypes are being equipped according to your instructions either on our five Royonic placement machines or manually and are then soldered automatically on our ERSA soldering machine.



For more pictures from the THT production



You can choose from the following additional options:

  • Procurement
  • AOI-Test
  • In-Circuit-Test
  • Functional Test
  • Environmental Testing
  • Conformal Coating
  • Protocolling
  • Equipment Assembling
  • Rework Service
  • ...


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